The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 790 Who Came up With This Sh*tty Idea

Chapter 790 Who Came up With This Sh*tty Idea

It was a new day, and Ferguson Corporation’s reputation was improving little by little. Everyone had a good impression of Ferguson Corporation once again. Someone keenly noticed that Eric had liked a “beautiful photo” of himself. It was just a photo posted by a fan who supported Eric and Nicole being a couple. The photo was a screenshot of Eric being interviewed in the conference room. Eric was wearing a smoky gray suit, exuding a cool and detached nobility and sharpness. He sat there with his hands together. On his well-defined left ring finger was a ring – The Single! In an instant, there was an uproar. Eric had long worn the ring that Nicole liked that clearly meant to symbolize single nobility, but he wore it on his ring finger like he was married. That was because the ring finger was closest to his heart and life source. At that time, nothing happened at all. Eric was not pretending. Eric wanted to let everyone know at every little opportunity how much he cherished and lo

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