The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 792 I Really Want to Strangle You to Death

Chapter 792 I Really Want to Strangle You to Death

Nicole and Kai were slightly stunned. This sounded like something Lil Michael was capable of. Nicole pursed her lips. “Then you should hurry over. Lil Michael must be anxious. Is your flight tonight?” Clayton nodded and raised his hand to look at his watch. “Yes, I’m leaving immediately. If something happens, you must call me.” Nicole nodded. Clayton said a few more words and left in a hurry after saying his goodbyes. Ingrid’s farce did not have any substantial side effects on Clayton, so he did not care about Ferguson Corporation’s response. It did not matter to him as long as Nicole was happy. Eric called Nicole, but she still did not answer. The messages he sent her were like stones sinking into the sea. Her detached attitude was enough to explain everything. After a few days, Eric finally could not help it, so he ran over to the Stanton Mansion. As a result, the butler told Eric frankly, “Ms. Stanton went to Sand City.” ‘She actually went back to the place that almost g

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