Chapter 796 You’re the Only One With a Mouth

The driver was stunned for a moment and hurriedly started the car. Nicole’s eyebrows were knitted together. “Where are you going? My people are still inside. I want to go down!” Eric’s handsome and fair face showed a hint of mockery. “Your people? When you were in danger, your people weren’t even visible. They’re not as good as me…” Nicole’s eyes faintly flickered. She pursed her lips. “Did you bring those three victims’ family members here?” Before Eric answered, Toto spoke with relish. “Yes, Ms. Stanton. Mr. Ferguson is so attentive to you. He heard that you came to this damn place again and put aside so many things in the company because he’s worried for your safety. When we were on the way over, he was chanting your name all the way. Sigh… We were so touched when we saw it. Where can you find such a great guy?” What Toto originally said was well-founded, but the more he spoke, the more off-topic it got. Toto did not notice Eric’s cold and murderous gaze as well as Nicole’s

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