Chapter 820 Annoyed

Nicole sat there, subconsciously looked up, and coincidentally saw that Nathaniel and Livia were looking at each other with such deep affection. She pursed her lips and hung her head in silence. If Nathaniel was serious about Livia, then it was okay for them to be together. They could always break up if they found that they were not suitable for each other. It was not necessary to date someone for marriage. Like when Livia got married to Keith, Livia had tolerated him to the extreme before they divorced. Besides hatred, there was nothing left. Who said that divorced women could not love capriciously? Moreover, although Nathaniel looked unreliable, he was not a bad person. Nicole compared the two men and began to like that Livia and Nathaniel were a pair. However, Keith’s body was shaking with anger. Before Keith could raise his hand to slap Livia, Nathaniel stood in front of her. It looked like Nathaniel was going to take a beating for her. “Livia, you’re amazing. Even if Mr

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