The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 823 Play Hard to Get

Chapter 823 Play Hard to Get

Livia was very clear about her feelings. She liked Nathaniel, who was a year younger than her, yet he was very thoughtful and reliable. Thus, Livia listened to her heart and did not play hard to get She did not regret being together with Nathaniel. This impulse and enthusiasm would definitely last a lifetime. It was the best thing Livia had done in her life. As soon as Livia and Nathaniel looked at each other, Nicole knew that Keith was out of luck. No matter how hard Keith tried, he could not beat Nathaniel and Livia’s momentary glance at each other, with sparks flying and such profound love. Nicole lowered her eyes and smiled, then reached out and applauded. “Wow, it’s so beautiful! I hope that you both will always be this happy!” They could only feel the blazing love because they rushed into a relationship. Once the passion faded and faced with other gossip or trivial difficulties, perhaps their love might even be deeper and lasted longer. Nicole believed that they would.

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