The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 830 Cut Your Head Off

Chapter 830 Cut Your Head Off

Eric looked at Toto with a grimace. ‘Does he think that I’m an idiot?’ He gave up on the stew and walked out of the kitchen with a chill around him. Toto also did not know why he found such a non-progressive novel, but when he first read it, he thought it was pretty good. However, when he listened to the audiobook, he suddenly thought that the domineering president was so retarded. Toto hurriedly followed Eric and explained, “Mr. Ferguson, don’t get angry! After all, the person who wrote this novel isn’t a president like you, so he doesn’t know your brilliance and wisdom to take charge!” Eric’s eyebrows were indifferent. His eyes suddenly looked fierce as he yelled, “Get out!” “Okay, I’ll get lost… I’ll go find something normal…” Toto still wanted to try his best to salvage the situation. If Toto was not still useful, Eric would have chopped off Toto’s head by now. Eric returned to his room and calmed down. He took out his phone and tapped on Nicole’s chat box. Eric sent out

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