The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 840 The Difference Between Me and Her

Chapter 840 The Difference Between Me and Her

Yvette suddenly smiled with a hint of despair. She turned around and walked inside, then took out a few bottles of expensive red wine from the wine cabinet and put them on the table. Nicole sighed. “It’s not like you can control it.” Yvette was silent for a moment. She suddenly slapped herself in the face, hard as hell. Nicole’s heart trembled as she went over to stop Yvette. “Yvette!” Nicole was heartbroken to see Yvette like this. Yvette was usually the most carefree and spontaneous one, but once the secret in her heart was revealed, her emotions were like floodwater that could no longer be controlled. A flash of disgust crossed Grant’s eyes when he saw Yvette’s passionate kiss with Sean Moore, which Yvette keenly noticed. Yvette could no longer stay calm. She knew that there was no hope for her. In Grant’s world, Yvette had never been in the game. If Yvette had not been Nicole’s best friend, Grant would not have even made a point to remember her name. Yvette poured a gl

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