The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 842 Take the Blame

Chapter 842 Take the Blame

The meeting room was very silent. No one spoke up first. Eric sat there without a care or a trace of panic. No one knew what he was thinking. He had plenty of patience. Whoever spoke first would lose the first opportunity. In the end, Old Master Ferguson could not resist. Old Master Ferguson narrowed his eyes. His cloudy eyes revealed a refined light and sharpness. “Although you’ve grown up, you’re still too young, Eric. I’ve discussed this with several shareholders. You’re not quite suitable for this position, so I’ve decided to convene a board meeting to change the leader.” Old Master Ferguson was concise and did not even bother to be a little euphemistic. He just stated the purpose clearly. Change the leader. A sidekick of the Ferguson family that was next to Old Master Ferguson coughed to ease the situation perhaps because he felt that this was too merciless. “Eric, the Chairman means to send you to study abroad. You can take a break for a while. When you come back from

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