Chapter 849 Poor Skills

The next day. Nicole went to the office. The afternoon client appointment that originally belonged to Grant was replaced by Nicole. They agreed to meet at the golf club. Before Nicole could leave, she received a call from Clayton Sloan. Clayton was very gentle and modest. He knew when to advance and retreat. After that scare last time, Clayton dared not appear in front of Nicole so as to give her time to forget. “Nicole, do you want to go shopping together this afternoon?” Nicole frowned. “Mr. Sloan, is this your new hobby?” Clayton laughed. His voice was clear and pleasant. “Michael learned that you were frightened and insisted that I ought to pacify you. Even if I have to buy the entire mall, I have to make you happy enough to forgive him…” Nicole could not help but laugh. A child’s world was truly crude and simple. Lil Michael still did not know how hard it was to make money. “I forgave him a long time ago. I’m the one who doesn’t know how to appreciate it and failed to

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