Chapter 852 Who’s Lying

In the next second, a strong force tugged on Nicole’s arm and yanked Nicole to the side. Instantly, there was a sound of a vase shattering, and the pieces landed right where Nicole was standing earlier. Nicole then crashed into a clean, warm, and sturdy embrace. It felt somewhat familiar. “Mr. Sloan?” Nicole was surprised at why Clayton would appear here? In the next second, Clayton dragged her behind him. His gaze swept harshly over the woman who chased after Nicole. The woman wanted to chase after Nicole again, but when she saw Clayton, who was behind Nicole, her body froze in place. She also recognized Nicole at that time. The woman’s face turned pale. She did not dare to make another rash move. Andrew Zeno, who heard the commotion, rushed over and was visibly startled. “What’s going on here?” The woman went over with a displeased face. “That b*tch snatched the child away…” Andrew was shocked. “Two people can’t even watch a child? You guys…” He was aware that there w

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