The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 855 An Unattainable Wish

Chapter 855 An Unattainable Wish

In J&L Corporation, Molly Stewart had millions of dollars in annual salary. She also had bonuses and allowances, so she was not interested in money. Molly lowered her eyes and suddenly opened her arms and shouted, “I want to be famous!” Nicole blinked and curbed her smile. “This... Will be a little difficult.” It was also not as practical as making money. After Molly was done daydreaming, she dragged Nicole to her research room and introduced her to the gadgets she invented. It was true that scientists’ brains were different from normal people’s. A regular girl’s way to relax was shopping, eating, and more shopping. However, Molly’s way of relaxation was to do research. Nicole was afraid that Molly’s body would collapse, so she dragged Molly to the nearest gym to sweat it out and relax. They told Clayton about it and ran out. Molly was familiar with skipping work, so she must have frequently gone out of the office during work hours. She scrolled through her phone and said,

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