Chapter 857 Jealous

The coach held back his laughter to carry Yannick down, taking him to the side so he could rest. “The doctor will be here soon.” Then, he returned the phone to Yannick. That video was truly sensational. Nicole gave Yannick a chance by letting him have so many moves, but he still lost! The coach was much more professional. While sparring with her, he also left her plenty of room for improvement. This was what an opponent should be like! This was a real professional. Yannick looked at the two people sparring and gnashed his teeth. His tears almost fell. He did not know that Nicole was so amazing. Yannick took out his phone and recorded a short video. In it, Nicole was cool and valiant. Her movements were like the wind, crisp, bright, and flamboyant. She looked too beautiful! He posted the video onto his social media platform where his old friends were. Soon, the video was forwarded to Eric. Eric stared at it for a while before he called Yannick without much thought. When Yanni

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