Chapter 859 My Limit

Nicole reached out, wanting to do it herself. Beside her, Clayton quietly walked over. “Let me.” His face was as gentle as usual. However, Nicole did not feel the slightest warmth. She subconsciously dodged, and Molly did not let go either. “I’ll do it instead. I’m more experienced in drying hair!” Clayton was speechless. Ten minutes later. When Nicole’s hair was dry, Yannick walked in. “Ms. Stanton, please come again anytime…” Nicole smiled. “My friend has an annual card here. Please look after her.” “Of course, of course.” The beads of sweat on Yannick’s head were as large as beans, but he still endured the pain and smiled. How dedicated. Nicole said, “Go see a doctor. A dislocation will heal with around two days of rest.” Yannick’s face stiffened as his smile became slightly guilty. He had been thinking about going easy on her, but he ended up having his arm dislocated by the delicate young lady. That was so embarrassing! The three people left the place. Clayton’s e

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