The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 865 Babe, Your *ss

Chapter 865 Babe, Your *ss

Eric had woken up earlier since he could not bear to sleep. He only felt at peace when his arms encircled Nicole. When Nicole opened her eyes, his dark eyes were tinged with a smile as the corners of his lips rose. “Morning, babe.” Nicole was stunned for a moment and shrunk back. No, was she dreaming? “Babe, your *ss!” She would not dream of such an outrageous dream! Nicole shot up and wanted to put ten feet of distance between them. Did they sleep together in the same bed the entire night? Eric’s arm was forced to let her go. Nicole was incredulous. Although she drank too much last night, it was not to the point where she could not remember what happened. She returned home in pain and ate painkillers, then she cleaned herself up and went to bed to rest. At that time, Eric was not around. This morning's scene shocked her! “Why are you here?” Nicole’s tone was icy cold, and her expression was ugly. She was not stupid enough to be fooled. Eric’s face paused and his voice

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