Chapter 868 Back Down

Mitchell looked at Eric tentatively, his voice not as excited anymore. “Although the Old Master hasn’t signed it yet, he has verbally agreed.” This was not good news for Eric. He could fully take control of Ferguson Corporation, and there would never be any shareholder attempting to force him out again in the future. However, he had lost the pillar of the Ferguson family. Old Master Ferguson had truly loved him in the past. Now, he did not even want to think of him as an outsider. It must not feel good to be betrayed by one’s closest relative. Furthermore, it was a family member who he had supported. Mitchell knew Eric very well. Eric looked like he was at odds with Old Master Ferguson, and they were incompatible with each other. However, at the bottom of Eric’s heart, he really had no intention of dealing with Old Master Ferguson. Eric only wanted to cut off Old Master Ferguson’s methods of targeting Nicole. Everything else, such as the Old Master’s shares, power, and statu

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