Chapter 86 Special Guest

The car returned to the Stanton mansion, and the three siblings went inside. Mr. Anderson was overjoyed and immediately instructed the maids to prepare dinner. Even in Floyd Stanton’s absence, every corner of the villa was cleaned every day. Mr. Anderson had been working as a butler in the Stanton mansion for more than thirty years and had never made a mistake. The three siblings finally got together, so they drank some wine to celebrate. Kai staggered around like a madman, dancing with the music. He did not look a bit like the superstar he was. If his fans saw him at this moment, they would probably turn their backs on him. Nicole spread out all the gifts Grant brought back for her on the floor and sat there to pick out her favorite ones. These priceless collectibles from private collectors abroad were worth more than those luxury brands. She was feeling a little tipsy when her phone rang. It was a call from Julie Nixon, so Nicole happily answered it. With a simple hand gesture, t

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