The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 873 The Perfect Man

Chapter 873 The Perfect Man

Eric’s gloomy expression was extremely cold. He was just about to walk over when Keith suddenly grabbed his hand. “Old Master Ferguson is going there…” According to Eric’s tense relationship with the Old Master now, he naturally would refuse to meet him. Old Master Ferguson walked over in a good mood. His face was tough and confident, and his cloudy eyes were shrewd and calculating. “Nicole, welcome…” Nicole did not expect Old Master Ferguson to take the initiative to say hello to her. Last time, he asked her out in the name of Golden Sea Corporation and wanted to use her to deal with Eric. Now that they met again, he was pretending that nothing happened? If not for the fact that Nicole came over to see the show, she would not want to meet Old Master Ferguson. This cunning old man was not kind at all. Nicole smiled. There were many people around, so she naturally would not put herself in an awkward position. “Chairman… Sorry, I meant Old Master Ferguson. Thank you for your i

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