The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 879 You’re Not Welcomed

Chapter 879 You’re Not Welcomed

Eric’s back was firm and despondent as if he was rejecting people from a thousand miles away. He really had not changed at all. Old Master Ferguson was already in his twilight years. Although he could not be compared to Eric, his power was still there. Trying to attack someone stronger than oneself would only bring about one’s own destruction. The glass in Clayton’s hand gently touched Nicole’s, his smile gentle and light. “What are you thinking about? I didn’t expect Mr. Ferguson to turn the tide like this. He won beautifully.” Nicole looked away. The resplendent and magnificent hall did not drive away the lonely figure in her mind. She tried to make herself indifferent. Her tone also became relaxed. “Yes, it was really unexpected.” She knew that Eric would not lose, but she did not expect him to win so thoroughly. “Nicole, do you feel sorry for him?” Nicole froze and turned her head to look at Clayton. Clayton pursed his lips as his expression became slightly complicated

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