The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 888 I Got Cosmetic Surgery

Chapter 888 I Got Cosmetic Surgery

In the end, Yuliana could not let go of the achievement she had at her fingertips. Nicole paused and nodded. “Alright, fine.” It was not a difficult task. Yuliana sighed with relief and looked at Nicole gratefully. “Thank you, Ms. Stanton. I really appreciate it!” Nicole remembered Clayton’s words and suddenly looked up. “You’ve really never abused the child before?” Yuliana was surprised. “Of course not. I barely stay at home for a few days a year and only have a handful of opportunities to see the child. How would I do something like that?” Nicole nodded calmly. “Okay, I’ll inform you when I’ve arranged the time and place.” It seemed like even if Nicole investigated the matter to the end, it was Andrew’s side that was the most abominable. It was either that or the nanny who was watching the child. Yuliana stood up with a smile. “Okay, I’ll go back and prepare. Ms. Stanton, I also hope that you can meet someone you like sooner and have a lovely baby…” Nicole looked up at he

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