The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 918 Eric Ferguson’s People

Chapter 918 Eric Ferguson’s People

However, Nicole was the boss, so she had the final say. Logan briefly talked about the recent situation of the company and left. As soon as he went out, he saw the warm and gentlemanly Clayton, who nodded at him. Logan nodded back. “Mr. Sloan, please take care of Ms. Stanton.” “Naturally.” Clayton’s voice was pleasant without putting on airs. Logan left after greeting him. As soon as he turned around, his face changed slightly. What did ‘naturally’ mean? Clayton was not from the Stanton family, yet he appeared here. What did that mean? Logan had been with Nicole for a long time. It seemed like he would soon be preparing for a major PR matter. He wondered if a certain domineering president would go mad with anger when he found out. Downstairs, Logan was just about to get into the car when he suddenly saw a chubby figure running in. Logan squinted and found that the person looked a little familiar. He suddenly remembered that the man was Eric’s butler, Toto. Logan immediat

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