The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 923 Divorced or Widowed

Chapter 923 Divorced or Widowed

However, in the eyes of some people, not denying it was the same as admitting it. Thus, Kai was “forced” to become a couple with Joelle. Finally, Kai could not help but unbind them. Joelle went abroad to shoot a movie and tried to get an Academy Award, and their company took the opportunity to announce the “breakup”. Thus, Joelle became Kai’s ex-girlfriend. Everything was going so well, but Joelle actually came back to find Julie? Kai did not even need to think to know that Joelle was definitely up to no good! His relationship with Julie was already jittery like he was walking on thin ice. Joelle’s appearance would cause a greater rift between them. Kai was so angry that he threw the things in his hands, wanting to settle accounts with Joelle. Clayton’s bony fingers washed the vegetables in the water, clean and meticulous. He smiled and said in a calm and deep voice, “Kai, I have dirt on her. Do you want them?” Kai’s footsteps paused, then he turned back to look at Clayton, wh

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