The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 926 Break up the Couple

Chapter 926 Break up the Couple

Eric’s expression was extremely ugly. His black eyes were cold and dark. He took a step back, turned around, and lifted his feet to leave. Joelle stopped him. “Mr. Ferguson, why don’t you come in?” Her hand almost touched Eric’s sleeve, but he fiercely shook her off. It was as if he was afraid of being stained by garbage. His tone was indifferent and low. “Scram! It’ll be easy for me to kill you, understand?” He was warning her. Not only was she not allowed to approach him, but he also dispelled all the dirty thoughts in her heart. Joelle’s face went white. In the blink of an eye, Eric left with his cold air. She pursed her lips, an indignant look flashing in her eyes. “I still have Kai anyway. Don’t try to get rid of me!” Eric originally wanted to go to Stanton Mansion to ask for clarification, but he retreated halfway. He did not dare to. He did not dare to ask questions. He did not dare to look at Nicole’s bright eyes. He did not dare to accept the truth. In Imperial Gard

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