The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 928 Look Down On You

Chapter 928 Look Down On You

The old president of Golden Sea Corporation politely came and greeted Nicole. “What an honor to have you here, Ms. Stanton!” Nicole smiled and handed the gift in her hand to the person behind him. “You’re too polite. Thank you for your invitation.” The man glanced at the gift box and knew that the lady’s watch inside was very valuable. He was shocked by Nicole’s generosity. It really was extraordinary! “There are many people coming today. Please forgive me if I’m not able to entertain you well…” There were also several bigwigs coming up from behind, and the man smiled somewhat apologetically. Nicole was just about to nod when she heard a warm and familiar female voice from behind. “Let me take care of Ms. Stanton…” Nicole turned slightly and saw Ava York dressed in a red dress, walking over with a smile. Her dress today was really seductive and revealing, making her look mature and sexy. The red dress split open at the sides of her legs, and every step revealed her long snow-w

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