The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 931 Low-Level Game

Chapter 931 Low-Level Game

Clayton laughed in a low voice and reached out to brush the hair behind her ears. “I’ll do anything as long as it makes you happy.” Nicole’s face heated up. Why was he saying words of love in public? It was embarrassing! However, she was unwilling to let him see how embarrassed she was. She looked up, a faint smile on her exquisite features. “Even arson and murder are fine?” Clayton’s smile deepened at those words. “Sure. You’ll be the mastermind and I’ll be your accomplice.” He followed her. Nicole rolled her eyes. The gloom in her heart cleared away and she suddenly felt much more relaxed. She put down the glass in her hand. “I’m going to the ladies.” Clayton said, “Shall I accompany you?” Nicole was speechless. “No. What am I, three?” Clayton pouted. “I am.” He did not want to leave her for a moment. Fortunately, their previous relationship had always been good, so no one would suspect their relationship now. Nicole did not want to be lovey-dovey with him here now. Ma

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