The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 933 Did You Do It?

Chapter 933 Did You Do It?

Everyone could clearly see the “Atlanta Psychiatric Hospital Welcomes You” logo written on the back of the white coats. Nicole smiled and calmly drank the red wine in the glass, suddenly feeling very satisfied. How would she be so kind as to repay her grievances with virtue? The ambulance she called was naturally the most suitable ambulance for Ava York. That little lady who dared to beat people up was really beautiful and clever. She won Nicole’s heart. When dealing with fake and “innocent” women, they had to be decisive and crisp! There was no need to talk nonsense. Clayton glanced at Nicole from the side and lowered his voice. “Did you do it?” Nicole raised a brow. “If I did, I wouldn’t make it so obvious. It’ll only be internal injuries.” Inflicting pain that could not be seen on the outside. That was Nicole’s way of doing things. Clayton thought about it and then smiled. He was relieved. “She already deserves to be beaten up. I guess there must be many people who want

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