The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 945 You Have No Chance

Chapter 945 You Have No Chance

However, before Nicole could react, Clayton already let go of her hand as if nothing happened. He politely nodded to the people inside and then turned to leave with a smile in his eyes. His back was frank and warm, with not the slightest trace of the small action he just did. Nicole secretly clicked her tongue at him and turned around. As soon as she did, she saw Yvette and Julie smiling at her meaningfully. Julie smiled. “Mr. Sloan moves very quickly. You two are so sweet to each other now. Is the next step discussing marriage?” Nicole gave her a chastising glare. “What are you thinking? We should be thinking about Yvette’s matters now. You’re focusing on the wrong point!” Yvette could not help but smile. “Your ability to change the topic has improved. Nicole, are you planning on pursuing love instead of your career?” Nicole opened her mouth seriously. “Those aren’t mutually exclusive. Of course, I’m career-oriented. Love is just icing on the cake!” “Love rat!” The two of th

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