Chapter 948 Minimization

However, Sean did not care about Mrs. Moore. He only had eyes for Yvette and pulled her out despite her struggle. Nicole frowned. She was afraid that Sean would take Yvette away and was just about to chase after them when she suddenly heard Eric’s cold voice. “Mitchell, catch up with Mr. Moore and tell him that the signing of the contract will be postponed indefinitely.” Mitchell was watching all this from the corner and immediately stood up when he was called by name. “Understood, President.” Was it because he did not want Nicole to go after them? The moment Nicole hesitated, Eric called her name. “Nicole…” She turned around. Eric stood up, his eyes still as sharp and oppressive as ever. His voice was low and lazy. “Thank you for telling us this. Otherwise, we would’ve lost a lot of money after signing with Mr. Moore.” Nicole pursed her lips calmly. “If you want to thank someone, then thank Yvette. It was her information.” To the side, Mrs. Moore looked pale when she heard

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