The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 94 It’s You Who Should Get Out

Chapter 94 It’s You Who Should Get Out

The moment Wendy Quade saw Yvette, her expression changed. ‘If Yvette could come, then does it mean that Nicole was also here…? I wasn’t mistaken?’ In an instant, Wendy clenched her fist and had her gaze affixed to the woman sitting with her back facing them. “Are you deaf? Come and take a picture with me!” Ingrid was annoyed that she was ignored by a model. Yvette chuckled and looked like she was ready to watch Ingrid make a fool of herself. “Who the hell are you? Why should anyone listen to you?” Ingrid gritted her teeth. “It has nothing to do with you! Mind your own business!” She looked at the model who was still unmoved. “Hey, you! I’m the Young Lady of the Ferguson family. How much do you want to be willing to take a picture with me?” ‘What’s so big of a deal?’ Ingrid thought. Ingrid only wanted to show off to her friends. Otherwise, she would not have asked for a photo. In the past, Ingrid was used to others surrounding her and asking her for a picture. Nicole raised her

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