Chapter 951 Disturb Me

Nicole was stunned and wondered why Aida Webber wanted to see her. Since Aida was her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Nicole could not put on airs. “Please come in.” Nicole smiled and watched as Aida walked in. Aida was gentle and pretty, with a smile that made people want to get close to her, like a spring breeze. “Aida, you’re here to look for my big brother, right?” Aida smiled. “I have a lunch date with him later, but I wanted to see you first.” Nicole raised her eyebrows and looked at Logan, who nodded and turned to leave. The two ladies had never been alone together. Although Nicole felt sorry that Yvette and Grant could not end up together, Nicole was not going to get involved in their relationship. Nicole would respect whoever Grant chose. “Is Ms. Quimbey better now?” Nicole paused for a moment. Her eyes flickered slightly. “She’s much better now. She’s just been discharged from the hospital.” “I remember that you two were very close back in high school. She often gives t

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