Chapter 958 He’s a Liar

Lil Michael ran out happily. Clayton laughed helplessly and made way for Nicole. Nicole swept a glance at Clayton’s home decor, which was cozy and very comfortable to look at. “Did you come to see me for something?” Nicole nodded her head. “Isaac Sloan went to my house…” Clayton’s face changed slightly. His smile froze at the corners of his mouth. Nicole told him what Isaac said, word for word. “I think that you should be aware of this and make preparations early.” Clayton was silent for a few seconds. For those few seconds, his eyes were indifferent without a touch of warmth. Soon, he regained his gentle smile. Clayton raised his eyes to look at Nicole. “Thank you for telling me this, Nicole. It seems that I’m already your person.” Nicole was dumbfounded. “Your focus is just as off as Kai’s!” Clayton laughed with a playful glint in his eyes. “Your attitude is my focus. No one else matters.” Clayton reached out and took Nicole’s hand, which made the tip of her heart trem

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