The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 961 Are You My Sister?

Chapter 961 Are You My Sister?

When Nicole was still torn between asking what was in it, Grant had already made the decision for her. Learn from past mistakes. The past was a truly bloody lesson learned. When Nicole fell in love, her whole family was apprehensive about any small movements. ‘How did I get such a warm and loving family?’ Nicole thought. Nicole smiled and walked over to take the document bag. “You’re right. I can’t believe everything I hear. I should get to know his bottom line before I get sucked in.” Grant looked at his extremely understanding sister with satisfaction. ‘How sensible!’ Nicole raised her eyes and looked at him with a smirk. “Big Brother, you’re also a man, so I’ll have to remind Aida of what you just told me too!” Grant’s face changed slightly. He gritted his teeth. “Are you my sister?!” Nicole playfully stuck out her tongue, took her things, and left. Grant was flustered and thought, ‘She’d better not badmouth me in front of Aida!’ Nicole’s mood was much better all of a s

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