The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 965 Wants to Leap to the Top

Chapter 965 Wants to Leap to the Top

Nicole did not think that the daughter of Golden Sea Corporation’s President would notice this detail. She even seemed very satisfied with it. The President of Golden Sea Corporation was relieved to see that Nicole had no intention of blaming his daughter. The banquet officially began. The old man trembled and walked onto the stage, full of joy. “It’s a great honor that all of you are here. I’d like to share some great news with you.” This banquet was held out of the blue. Even Nicole thought that it was just an ordinary social gathering. She did not think that it was a big happy event. Ava York stood on the side. Her posture was elegant and graceful. Today, she gave up her advantage and did not wear any sexy or revealing dress. Instead, she played nice and dressed conservatively and decently. The old man pointed at Ava and was obviously a little emotional. His eyes even had tears as he said, “Thirty years ago, I lost my youngest daughter. Now, I’ve found her, Ava York.” The c

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