The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 968 Definitely Get a Beating

Chapter 968 Definitely Get a Beating

Nicole raised her eyebrows. ‘Ava still wants me to understand why she’s retaliating against me? How strange!’ Nicole smirked and said, “I understand.” Ava said, “That’s good. Anyway, Harvey didn’t agree, so let’s just pretend that nothing happened. We’ll be in the same circle in the future, so let’s coexist peacefully.” There was a pause for a few seconds. Outside, the elegant and loud music rose. The place was quiet like it was frozen. Nicole looked at Ava’s face and suddenly laughed out loud. “Ms. York, I understand your despicable and underhanded means, but in this circle, only the strong survive. You seduced my boyfriend in the first place, so that’s how I started to hate you. Coexist peacefully? Dream on! You’d better cherish the only happiness you have left, because, in my territory, you will only be more upset in the future!” Nicole smiled meaningfully. Ava’s heart was in a panic. ‘Her territory? I thought that I could finally be on equal footing with Nicole when I arri

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