The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 973 Talk to Me if You Have Difficulties

Chapter 973 Talk to Me if You Have Difficulties

As soon as Nicole entered the office, Logan came in with her coffee and placed the documents on the desk as usual. “President, everyone is here for today’s morning meeting. We can start anytime.” Nicole looked at the time. It was just right. She nodded and stood up. “Harvey Sage came early in the morning and has been waiting here for almost an hour. Should we inform him first?” Logan was surprised by Harvey’s arrival. He even thought that last night would be the last time he would see Harvey at Stanton Corporation. This kind of scandal-ridden celebrity would certainly implicate Stanton Corporation’s long-standing good reputation. Nicole said, “No, let him wait.” If it was that simple to get an opportunity with Stanton Corporation, it would set a precedent for everyone to set their eyes on Stanton Corporation’s resources in the future. Logan nodded. They walked out one after the other and went directly to the conference room. The twenty-minute meeting lasted for an hour and a

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