The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 979 The Exquisite Bad Guy

Chapter 979 The Exquisite Bad Guy

Not many people knew about Nicole and Clayton’s relationship, so Isaac Sloan would not know about it either. Perhaps Isaac was thinking that Clayton was still bitterly pursuing Nicole. Getting Nicole to destroy Clayton was a really well-thought-out plan. Nicole curled the corners of her lips. “Let him in.” Logan nodded, turned around, and walked out. Afterward, Isaac Sloan walked in fully decked out. Isaac smiled. He had the superiority of a typical rich man from Liberty. He also looked somewhat self-conceited. What an exquisite bad guy! “Ms. Stanton, it’s been a long time…” Nicole smiled and stood up to shake hands with him. The two of them sat down on the sofa. Logan brought up the coffee. “Mr. Sloan, it has indeed been a long time. Are you used to living in Mediania?” Isaac laughed helplessly. “Isn’t this kind of business trip a common occurrence for people like us? Even if I’m not used to it, I have to learn to get used to it.” Nicole raised her eyebrows and sneered in

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