The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 981 He Wants a Hug

Chapter 981 He Wants a Hug

However, there was no sound for a long time even after the footsteps stopped. Nicole had just felt that something was off when a familiar deep and soothing voice broke the silence. “What are you looking at so intently?” Nicole froze and turned to see Clayton’s tall body standing there. “Why are you here?” Clayton smiled gently. His eyebrows were slightly lowered, and his eyes carried a light warmth. “Of course, it’s because I miss you, my girlfriend.” He stood there with his arms open and gave her a look. Nicole stiffened for a moment. ‘Did he want to hug me?’ This kind of action was simply too obvious. Nicole was already used to Clayton breaking the boundaries time after time. She did not recoil every time he touched her, and he had a very pleasant fragrance of agarwood around him that was quite addicting. Nicole gritted her teeth and silently walked over, then leaned stiffly in his arms. The sound of laughter that emanated from his chest made her face redden abruptly. I

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