Chapter 984 Dirt on You

The atmosphere between the two men was extremely cold and hard. It could even be said to be explosive. Clayton’s smile faded. “You, touch me? Will Nicole take that lying down?” Nicole had almost fallen out with Eric during the previous mess on the internet the last time. Eric’s dark eyes fiercely shrunk, cold and hostile. Clayton said, “I know that Isaac came to you. He must have told you a lot about me, right?” Eric suddenly sneered. “So, you came here because of that?” He suddenly understood. Isaac had indeed come to him. The Sloan family was a fat piece of meat that anyone could take advantage of. Who would not have eyes for it? Eric was originally still afraid of the Sloan family’s power, but Isaac’s head was empty. He was completely different from the shrewd and capable Clayton. Since Isaac was willing to take the initiative to send himself to Eric’s door, Eric would certainly not give up this opportunity. Eric managed to fool Isaac with just a few words. He really did

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