Chapter 1

{ Khalid's Pov } I thrusted into her again and again as she moaned wildly . I sneered as I spanked her huge butt lightly . I quickly took her left nipple into my mouth and sucked hungrily . She screamed in pleasure as I caressed the right nipple . Squeezing it so tight . . . . " Your highness . . . . Oh my gosh " She yelled as I slammed into her again. I continued riding on her for a few minutes before I got down from her body . Beads of sweat ran down my face . She smiled seductively at me licking her lips . " Get out Miranda " I said in the meanest voice as she became shocked . " B. . . . But your highness we just had errrrr . . . . " She tried saying as I smirked mischievously . " We just what ? I don't want to repeat myself again . . . . I said get out of my room " I said as I quickly picked up my tobacco . I lit up my tobacco roll as I took several drags of the tobacco . Smoke emanated from my mouth and nostrils . Miranda . . . . . Who is one of the maidens in the palace broke into tears . She struggled up and made for her blouse . . . " Are you deaf or something ? I said I don't want to see you , , , , , ,get your stinky smelling self out of my presence " I said giving her a deadly glare . " Your highness I want to put my dress . . . . " She said with a teary voice. " You can do that outside my room, , , , can't you? " I snorted as she walked out of my naked . " You're so mean and cruel Prince Khalid . . . . " She said as I rolled my eyes. " Tch . . . Useless thing " I muttered under my breath as I picked up the glass of whiskey on my table and sipped it . I really need another bi+ch to warm my bed tonight . . . Tears welled down Carla's cheeks as she picked up her napkin from the bed and wiped her tears off with it . The king bowed his head as he didn't want to see his precious princess in tears . " What are you driving at father ? Please make me understand you " Carla half yelled as tears filled her eyes . " My child , , , , I know this might sound crazy but that's just it " King George said as he sat on the couch . " I can not believe you father ! Give me a good reason why I should marry a total stranger all in the name of a promise you made many years ago ? " Carla began in tears . " Carla nothing can be done about this . . . It is made already and the king I made the promise to is dead as well " The king said breathing heavily . . " This is really unbelievable father . . . . . " Carla shook her head in disagreement . " Mmmhh . . . . Dear child , , , this arrangement was made when you were just four years old and nothing , , , , , absolutely nothing can be done to reverse that" Her father said pulling his long kingly garment . " Father this is 20th century for crying out loud . . . . . This is certainly not going to happen " Carla cried out . " I know my child but I am the man of my word , , , besides he's a very handsome boy back when I saw him and I know he will be so handsome now " The king said . " I don't even know this man and he doesn't even know me , , , , how can two strangers live together as husband and wife ? " Carla wept as she took off her crown and dropped it on the table . " You know you shouldn 't take off your crown. . . . .You are a princess Carla " Her father said as she rolled her eyes . " Whatever father " She sniffed hard . . " Don't worry my daughter ! ! When both of you gets married to each other , , , , , you can get to know each other better " The kind consoled her . " How father ?What if he doesn 't like me ? And of course I don't like him ! " Carla pouted her mouth . " Which sensible man won 't fall in love with my stunning daughter instantly ? ? You are the most lovable person I know child " The king said as Carla looked away . . . Facing the wall mirror , , , , , tears streamed down Carla's face . " Oh God! How do I get out of this " Carla cried . " King James Dantes and I were good friends back then , , , , , he did me a huge favor and I promised him that my daughter will marry his son . . . .I have to fulfil my promise Carla " The king explained . " What kind of promise is that father ? You didn't even consider how I will feel . . . . . You didn't consider how I will react to this , , , , I was only a child then " Carla wept . King George quickly hugged him dear daughter as she wept on his shoulder . " You have to calm down my child . . . . . I know you can do this and I know you will grow to love him once you meet him " Her father assured her . " This is going to be really tough father . . . I don't think I can do it " She cried . " You can Carla . . . You just need to be strong " Her father patted her hair softly . " Father I don't think I can leave you alone, , , , , who will stay by your side like I do Father . . . . I won't be at peace " The princess wept . " You don 't have to worry about me my child , , , , you must surely get married someday and I know that fully well " Her father said . " But not that far father . . . . Sudan is very far from here " She wailed . , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Princess Carla laid on her bed sulking bitterly as her personal maiden sat beside her. " My princess please stop crying! " She said trying to calm her down. "Don't tell me to calm down Glenda... If you are in my shoes you won't calm down" The princess cried. "My princess I know this is really difficult but you can't do anything about it" Glenda said as the princess grabbed her pillow and hugged it tightly. Hot tears pricked her eyes and gradually poured down her chubby cheeks. "My princess you have to stop crying OK? This will only make you get many wrinkles on your face" The maiden said as she patted her head. "That's better off than not just being far away from your kingdom but also getting married to someone you haven't met for once" The princess said. "My princess you never can tell,,,,, he might be a very nice and loving person that you will grow to love him" Glenda said trying to make her cheer up. "I don't care... What about you? Am going to miss you too Glenda,,,,,, you are the only good friend I know and have" The princess cried. "I know my princess and am going to miss you too but you have to meet your husband's people" Glenda said blinking hard to prevent tears from falling down her cheeks. "You call that marriage...... Of course not it's no marriage! I can't call that marriage when it's so against my wish " Princess Carla cried out. " Wipe off your tears my Princess.... Your father said I will be going to your husband's house " Glenda said as smiles escaped the Princess's lips. Even though she was still in tears. "Really ? " The princess shrieked in excitement . They hugged each other tightly. "I don't really understand why I should or must marry a stranger" Princess Carla cried as tears rolled down her cheeks...... TBC..
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