Chapter 1 Sacrifices

ROSELYN JENSEN I took a single loaf of bread an put them in my mouth. I will be late if I won t get out in my house now. I have too many jobs that I forgot that I need to visit mom today. I only have 30 minutes left before my work hours in Starbucks. I ran as fast as I can. Good thing that I found this apartment that is near to the hospital. "Excuse me!"-I shouted. I tried to catch the elevator. There are two men inside it. I took a deep breath when they open it and waited for me. I smiled on them and bow down. "Thank you so much."-I said. I pinch 18th floor. I eat the loaf that I have in the hand. By the reflection I saw on the door of the elevator, the man with glasses seems to be a rich person and the man beside him is his secretary. The door opens, I bow down again before the door closes. I went to my mother s room. It s been 9 months since my mother got into an accident. I massage her feet and speak to her. "Mom, it s been 9 months are you not tired of sleeping all these time. I have been missing your voice while nagging at me. Can you wake up now, please?"-I said. Tears fall in my cheeks. I just smile. "If you are not ready yet, it s okay. I will wait until the day that you wanted to wake up. You can nag on me everyday when you came back, okay? I really miss you actually."-I said again. I clean her up and keep on massaging her until I saw that its time to leave again. I kiss her forehead and look at her. "I ll visit you again tomorrow mom. I love you." I went out and took my Bluetooth earphone. I need to call my boss that I might be late for a few minutes. "Welcome to Starbucks, how may I help you?" "Caramel macchiato and strawberry shortcake." "Okay ma am. That would be $3.7 dollars." "Here my card."-she said. I swipe her card and bring her order on her seat. It s been a while since I started working two jobs. I need to support my needs and my mom s hospital bills. They even said that I can be a stripper to gain more money but my mom will surely hate me. It s better to have two or more jobs than being a stripper. I know how to respect myself. "Thank you ma am, come again."-I said. My shift has ended at 5pm, I need to go on my next job as a call center agent. My shift is from 5:30 pm to 9 pm in the afternoon. I am planning to work on a restaurant part time. I might not die if I only sleep for 5 hours right? "Roselyn!"-she said. My best friend Alona called me. CRIMSON LUCA I look at this folder. This is the next project that grandfather wants me to do. The semi-private hospital that he build for grandmother is now a well-known hospital in the country and around the globe. He is planning to expand it as well. "This hospital is a part of the foundation, isn t it?" "Yes, Sir Crimson. Most of the poor patients who gets admitted in the hospital are being help by the foundation."-he said. "What do you think if we expand the hospital to a poor countries like Vietnam and Kenya or any places in Africa?"-I ask. He is my secretary since I start working. I was his best man as well when he gets married five years ago. "It s up to you, Sir Crimson. After all, Luca Empire has been known as one of the biggest business empire around the globe. You and Sir Robert had genuinely helpful and compassionate in helping people, there s nothing wrong if you expand the hospital abroad." "I like your answer. I want you to make an arrangement to several investors that you expect that are willing to help us regarding this project."-I said. "No problem, Sir Crimson." "You can leave now. I want to review this project further."-I said. He bow down and leave my office. I need to go in England the next day for a business trip. I need to close the deal with Mr. Barren. I knew grandfather wants him to be part of Luca empire. He is known in England as a supplier of raw materials for technology and appliances. Today is my check-up in the hospital that we owns, Greg had pinch the floor where we will go when we both that woman rushing towards the elevator. We both extend our hand to stop the elevator from closing. She even shout to us. "Excuse me!"-she said. She even had a bread in her hand. She smiled and took a deep breath. "Thank you."-she said and smile to us. She went off first. For a girl who didn t even wear any make up and she didn t wearing any expensive or special jewelries in her body, she beautiful. It is refreshing to see women who s bare faced and not wearing any make-up. On this day where make-up can deceive the meaning of beauty, I find her different. "It s good to see you again, Crimson." "Say that after you tell me a good news, Tristan." "Woke up on the bad side of the bed again? Kidding aside. We have been trying to do anything that can be possible, you only need to work more."-he said. "Work with what? Don t you think I didn t even try?" "I have been thinking this lately. Are you sure this is not about your emotions? Maybe let s try to talk to a psychiatrist that must be what you need. Your case must not be about your…that. But maybe because you are having a struggle mentally." "Mentally? And how come that you think of that idea? Do I look like a madman?"-I ask. He sigh. "Not all people asking a psychiatrist help are madman or crazy people. Have you ever forget anything that school taught to you?"-he said. "Should I throw this one to you then?" "Hey, hands off young man! That vase is an antique. It s from my great-great grandma." "If that s the case. Call that doctor that your talking about. I want to talk to him." "No problem. He is in his office downstairs. I ll call him right away Mr. Richman."-he said. "What an idiot." "Likewise."-he said and stick his tongue on me. "Should I cut his tongue, Sir Crimson?" "Hey! You know what Greg, since you became his secretary? You started to be like him as well. You are like a combination of two weirdo s. Oh, not you Dr. Franco. Can you come here in my office for a while? I want you to meet this madman, I mean my patient." He saw that I am ready to push the vase off when he change his naming about me. Later on, a man came and he saw us. "Oh, Mr. Luca. Good morning." "Likewise, Mr. Franco." "What is this all about?"-he said and sit. He told him what happen to me five years ago and he started to ask me some several questions. "It must be because of the pain of what your fiancée did to you, it is indeed possible that it affects your health, Mr. Luca."-he said. "Then what should I do?" "Maybe you need to find a new inspiration or else try to enter into a new relationship. Instead of trying any methods like finding a fling, or any other aspect to help you out. What you needed must be a girl who will understand your situation." "I don t think a girl will like to have a relationship to someone who have this kind of case like me." "Who knows, you might find someone. I have this hunch that you need to be in a relationship to have faith in love again. That might help you to heal both of your worries."-Dr. Franco. "He has a point. Why don t you try it?"-Dr. Tristan. ROSELYN JENSEN I tried to open my eyes widely. I am too tired but my shift on this new and third job that I have will be done in an hour. I have to stay awake! "I want to order two burgers, double patty with cheese and 5 hotdog sandwich."-he said. He take a sit. This burger truck is here in this park where most lovebirds stay foe the night and even camp in here. That s why a business like this here are open 24/7. "Okay Sir. Just give me ten minutes."-I said. "No problem."-he said. After I made his order, I have attended 20 more customers before the next person to take a her shift came. "Not bad, newbie. Your much faster than the last part-timer. Here, it s on the house. Come again tomorrow."-she said. I look on the hotdog sandwich and a burger that she gave to me. "Thank you. I ll just have this for dinner, I m too tired to cook. I can have an early sleep tonight." "No problem. Good night." "Thank you."-I said. I left the stand and started to walk. My apartment here are just 10 minute walk which is very convenient to me. I jump ti bed after I eat that hotdog and burger. "I wish mom is here to cook my favorite dishes. I can cook them but I still miss her." I prayed before going to bed. One day, my mom will be here and nag at me. I can continue college after that. I still wanted to finish the business course that I took. I was supposed to be a third-year college student this year but mom got into an accident and I have to pay her bills in the hospital. The foundation helps but still, I wanted to save my money just in case. "Alona, can you pass me the sauce please?" "Here. Good thing that you agreed to take a day-off from working in Starbucks. You have been pushing yourself too much."-she said. I sigh. "You know very much how I wanted to make money. Even the hospital pays half of my mother s bill, she has been there for nine months already." "I know. We can still ask another organizations for the other half of your mother s bill."-she suggested. "I am too tired everyday to even go back in forth in other NGO s or government organizations for that. Thanks for being here with me, Alona." "You re welcome. Wait, what if aunt s bill when she comes out is indeed huge, what are you going to do?" "Let s cross the bridge when we get there."-I said. "Are you willing to accept an indecent proposal?" "Huh?"-I said. Indecent proposal? Like what?
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