Chapter 1008

Even Kennedy felt that a light-colored bracelet was more suitable for that female customer. This was because she had a darker skin tone, and wearing pink would make her look dull. However, if she put on a light-colored bracelet, it wouldn't create such a stark contrast with her skin tone. In fact, people with darker skin tones would look better in light colors than in bright colors such as pink, red, and purple. Maisie cupped her chin with her hand and fell into thought. She started to look at Hector in a new light, and it seemed to her that he was pretty good at this. Two hours later, Hector finally completed all his tasks. He returned to the administrative office, and several female employees stared at him fixedly. He did not have a good feeling about this. However, before he could find out why, they all surrounded him and asked him for advice. “You’re so good at this. I'm going to ask you first when I'm buying jewelry next time.” “I hate multiple-choice questions the most. I al

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