Chapter 1011

Seeing that Nolan entered the office, Lucy quietly exited the room and immediately closed the door. Nolan stopped in front of the desk, propped his arms against the desk, leaned forward to approach Maisie, and forced a smile. “There’s a newcomer in the company, and you’ve already forgotten about your husband. Have you taken a fancy to that newbie?” Listening to his serious tone, Maisie could not help but laugh. “Honey, is that jealousy that I’m smelling?” Nolan squinted slightly. Maisie leaned forward, kissed him on the lips, and let off a bright smile. “Good then, we’ll take him to the mall later and buy him some clothes together. I still have to arrange accommodation for him after the shopping.” Nolan frowned, and his expression dimmed. “It seems that you’ve arranged everything for him.” Maisie could not help but chuckle and nod. Seeing the gloom in Nolan’s eyes, Maisie grabbed him by his tie. “Shall I introduce you to him?” Nolan pulled his tie out of her grasp. “No.” He wa

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