Chapter 1013

Maisie asked them immediately, “What’s wrong?” “Uh... Ms. Vanderbilt, it turns out Hector is your cousin?” Although they had long thought that the two of them might be related in some way, he turned out to be her younger cousin. They did not know much about that because Hector had not come clean with them either when it came to his relationship with Maisie. Several female employees leaned forward all of a sudden. “Ms. Vanderbilt, do you have any other younger cousins?” “Their buddies would do too.” Maisie was rendered speechless. ‘It seems that I really need to start hiring some young men for the company’s sake. Otherwise, these ladies will only think about men all the time.’ At Stoslo’s Ambergate Street… Ryleigh walked into a circular plaza, looked at the sculptures and doves in the plaza, and picked up a camera to take pictures. A blonde girl walked up to her and tugged at the hem of her clothes. When Ryleigh lowered her head, the young girl handed her the rose bouquet in

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