Chapter 1016

Ryleigh frowned because of curiosity. What was wrong with the orchestra? Louis, who had been silent, slowly spoke. “I didn’t like the students from the orchestra. I thought the way they play was boring and not creative and that the younger generation wouldn’t enjoy it. Thus, I didn’t understand the beauty of orchestras until I went to the performance in Bassburgh High, which changed my mind.” Blake Stefani chuckled. “Oh, the performance at Bassburgh High. The orchestra performance that night was indeed mesmerizing. Opera and orchestra were incorporated into pop songs. What was that performance called? It was outstanding.” He couldn't remember what the program was called, but he remembered that the girl had been singing very well and that he had been utterly mesmerized. Ryleigh thought that what they were talking about sounded familiar. Were they talking about her? Louis suddenly grabbed her hand and said to them, “Just ask her if you want to know.” They both look toward her. “Her

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