Chapter 1030

Nolan pressed her against his chest and kissed her lips. “Work will never be as important as you are.” Maisie hugged him tightly as she buried her cheeks into his chest and teared up. “I’ll get spoiled if you continue to treat me this well.” “Getting used to all these will only give me an advantage.” He chuckled softly in her ear, wiped her tears with his thumb, and hugged her tightly. “I plan to pamper you to the extent of spoiling you so that I’ll be the only person in this world who can adapt to your way of life after this.“ Maisie did not know when the movie ended at all. The only thing she felt was the impact that he brought upon her. After a few more rounds, they cuddled together next to each other’s sweaty bodies, and he was reluctant to withdraw himself from her warm embrace. Maisie stared at the blue roses that were blooming in the courtyard. They looked delicate and warm, just like the love that he had been showing her. “I was lucky to have met you that night ten years

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