Chapter 1032

Nolan hugged her from behind, and his warm chest could be felt beating against her back. “You were in the room located directly opposite this room three years ago while I was in here.” He buried his face into her neck with a hint of glee flashing across his eyes. “It’s just that you were here to bid on jewelry three years ago. So, we’re here tonight to get you the best jewelry this place has to offer.” The auction kicked off, and the first item displayed on the stage was a South Afrenikan pink diamond worth tens of millions of dollars, and the VIPs started to bid for the diamond. Maisie looked at Nolan, who looked indifferent. It was obvious that he had not come here for the pink diamond. Thus, she wondered what kind of jewelry Nolan planned to give her tonight. Nolan did not even bid for the first few items, so Maisie could not help but lean closer to him. “I’m starting to get curious.” Nolan approached her ear and whispered, “Are you?” She chuckled. “How could I not feel curiou

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