Chapter 1040

When she saw how pale Jodie turned, Xyla leaned closer. “You try to scare the women around Louis away because you’re not good enough for him? Do you think you’d get a chance to dance ballet if you didn’t get close to me because my father was the director of Royal Crown?” Jodie’s shoulder shuddered. Ryleigh looked at her curiously. Xyla patted her face. “Do you think you’re so pure and innocent? You used your relationship with me and got to know the people in my father’s circle and sold yourself out just so they would pay for your ballet career overseas. “After so many years of dancing, you still haven’t gotten famous, just enjoying life with money people give you. If it weren’t because they saw through your plan and cut off your finances, would you have returned?” Xyla didn’t speak too loud, but everyone could clearly hear her, and they were shocked. Jodie looked more and more embarrassed. Her face was pale as a sheet, as if she had faced immense shame, while her eyes filled with

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