Chapter 1047

Charles also thought that what Louis suggested made sense. ‘A clean hand needs no washing. Handing this matter over to the police and letting them look into and solve the case is the best thing that we can do now.’ In the evening, Ryleigh sat on the bed with her knees bent inward, not wanting to eat anything for dinner. Louis made dinner, pushed open the bedroom door, walked to the edge of the bed, and picked her up. Ryleigh wrapped her arms around his neck and said softly, “I don’t have the appetite to eat.” He carried her to the dining table. “Even if you don’t have an appetite, at least eat some. I don’t want you to starve in the middle of the night.” Ryleigh jerked him. “Am I going to get fired?” Louis rubbed the top of her head and leaned over to kiss her forehead. “No, I have already handed the matter over to the police for further investigation.” Ryleigh was astonished. “You handed it over to the police?” Louis fetched her a bowl of soup and placed it in front of her. “T

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