Chapter 1050

She hugged Nollace and cried out loud, “I was so worried about you! You’re finally back!” Nollace stood in place and let her hold him expressionlessly. His gaze looked dull, and he was also bewildered by the existence of the Knowles and his parents. Mrs. Knowles noticed something, let him go slowly, and stroked his cheek with her palm. “Nolly?” Rick glanced at Tristan. “Uncle, what happened to Nollace?” Tristan put down the teacup. “He has lost his memory.” Rick was astonished. Mrs. Knowles shed tears again and held Nollace in her arms tremblingly. “It’s okay. He’s home now. As for his memory, he’ll gradually remember everything.” Back at Bassburgh, at Soul… Maisie was going through the resumes of the candidates applying for the jewelry designer position, including their previous creations. Lucy, who was standing by her side, could see her hesitation. “Ms. Vanderbilt, are you dissatisfied with these designs?” Maisie propped her chin against the palm of her hand and frowned. “

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