Chapter 1056

Yorrick placed his hand on his forehead and smiled brightly. “He's going to be someone great in the future, so I don't think it's wrong for me to make preparations in advance. If I have a son or a daughter in the future, my son can be his brother, and my daughter can be his wife. I think it's pretty good.” Nolan replied without lifting his head, “Well, congratulations to you in advance, then.” Yorrick was stunned. After a short while, he chuckled and said, “I remember your daughter is about the same age as him, right? Don't you want to secure a spot for your daughter first?” “I’m not interested,” Nolan replied as he lifted his head. “Even if my daughter doesn’t want to get married in the future, I can take care of her myself.” Yorrick laughed. “The future can be quite unpredictable.” The waiter served their food, and Yorricks’ phone rang. He took a look at his phone and passed it to his bodyguard. “I believe you know what you should do with her, right?” The bodyguard nodded befo

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