Chapter 1058

“What the h*ll are you talking about!?” Jodie’s face changed. It was never in her wildest dream that Colton could see through the fake diamonds. This diamond bracelet was a counterfeit. Even though it was not a real diamond bracelet, it was a grade-A counterfeit, which had cost her about $150. Ryleigh ignored her. She raised her brows and smiled. “Way to go, Colton.” The manager looked at the kid in surprise and asked, “How can you be so sure that they are not real diamonds?” After all, even he couldn’t see through them. Colton harrumphed and said confidently, “My mother is a jewelry designer. She has a lot of experience with diamonds, and I’ve heard from her several times in the past.” Then, he continued in a serious manner. “A real diamond is the hardest rock in the world. Even if we rub it with sandpaper, it won’t leave a single scratch on it, let alone a few stomps. However, take a look at this.” He brought the bracelet closer to them and said, “There are scratches on the s

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